Q: I met only a chilly reaction.

cited from the autobiography of Malcolm X是什麼意思
A: The only reaction he got was cold.
There was no sympathy or empathy.
People's responses were unpleasant, unfriendly, and possibly hostile.


Q: autobiography 和 biography 的差別在哪裡?
A: I write my own life story. That’s an autobiography.

I write your life story. That’s a biography.
Q: i like to read autobiography and comic 和 i like to read autobiographies and comics.

which sentence is correct? 的差別在哪裡?
A: #2. It is correct because it is in the plural form. If you use singular, it sounds like you are saying you only like one autobiography and comic, not the genre.
Q: autobiography 和 biography 的差別在哪裡?
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"Autobiography" 的翻譯

Q: autobiography 用 英語 (美國) 要怎麼說?
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Q: autobiography ( pronounciation)用 英語 (美國) 要怎麼說?
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Q: 請教我His autobiography was released today. 的正確發音。
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Q: 請教我autobiography的正確發音。
A: hope this helps! 🤗
Q: 請教我autobiography的正確發音。
A: 請到提問詳情頁確認
Q: It's my autobiography could someone lend me a hand to correct the grammar thx

My name is Catherine and I am from Changhwua,where I lived is around the mountain and beside the ocean,because of this superb location let me have more chance close to nature. Also Hualian is a famous sightseeing city,so there are a lot of specialty hotel,B&B,and villas. In my childhood ,these marvelous constructions and creative interior design attracting me deeply on the way go home from school which developed my passion and inspired me for interior design.

I graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with Master of Arts,and my major is interior design.Through out my master studies I have learned how to mix different kinds of useless materials into a space let it become an environmentally friendly and creative design.to decorate the interior make it looks sui generis.I also minor photography, I concerned that a master of design need a professional photography skills to promote my portfolio so I want to equip with two skills on me.In my free time I like to go visiting exhibition to broaden my horizon
,reading and go sightseeing to collect variety ingredients present on my work,and I am also the captain of the interior design badminton team exercise make me feel relax and help me release pressure to arouse distinctive ideas.

Apart from Mandarin Chinese, I have bilingual in Japanese and English,also I am
proficient in many kinds of softwares like
Photoshop,Illustrator,AutoCAD,Sketchup,and Python. I have great attitude respect my job and efficient communication with colleagues.I can work individually and can present work very well to the group .The most important thing is I can meet deadlines when required. 聼起來自然嗎?
A: Hello! This is very good; I just tweaked it a bit for you. ☺️ If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

My name is Catherine and I am from Changhwua. I lived near the mountains on the coast, because this superb location allowed me to be closer to nature. However, it’s not only known for its breathtaking views of white-capped peaks and placid waters. Hualian, the city (?) I resided in, is a famous sightseeing city, so there are a lot of specialty hotels,B&B, and villas to accommodate the tourists. In my childhood, these marvelous structures and creative interior designs greatly influenced me. Being able to marvel at these beautiful buildings on my way home from school kindled my passion for interior design, shaping my career.

I graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with Master of Arts, with my major in interior design. [Throughout my master studies, I learned how to mix different kinds of random materials into a space and let it become an environmentally friendly and creative design. (I don’t quite understand what you’re trying to describe, here.)]. To decorate the interior, I learned to imitate the infamous sui generis style. I also minored in photography, as I realized it’s imperative - as an interior designer - to acquire the skills to promote my portfolio.

In my free time I like to visit exhibitions to broaden my horizons, [read (Read what? I would list the genres you enjoy)], and go sightseeing to collect a [variety of items (what type of items? I don’t really understand.)] that are prominent in my work. I am also the captain of our interior design club, which connects me to other interior designers and thus other ideas and opinion. I joined the badminton team to exercise, as it helps me feel relaxed and release pressures, thus getting my recharging my creativity.

I am trilingual, able to speak Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and English. I am proficient other types of communication, too, such as those found in many kinds of softwares like Photoshop, Illustrator, AutoCAD, Sketchup,and Python. [maybe talk about your ability to speak many languages and how it has shaped your life. Has it given you more opportunities and allowed you to connect with a lot more people?]

As I think it is important, I have adopted a growth mindset and do not let hindrances stand in my way. I tirelessly pour myself into my work, applying myself to make a difference in the world. To aid this process, I efficiently communicate with my colleagues. They consider me to be a team player, as I don’t often have disagreements within the workplace, but I also can work very well on my own and am comfortable presenting to the group. However, my greatest attribute is the fact that I am organized and will never miss a deadline.

Q: ‎I have studied his autobiography in Chinese textbook since I was in elementary school, I have visited imitative Mona Lisa in art museum, I have also acquired some ideas on his imagination when I was painting. 这个 聼起來自然嗎?
A: it sounds more natural if you say 'I have studied his life from Chinese textbooks'.

It also sounds more natural if you say 'I have visited the Mona Lisa in a museum'.

The last part would sound more natural if you said 'I have also gained a better understanding of him through my own art'.